Peche Island Rear Range Light

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The Peche Island Range Rear Light was built in 1908 off Peche Island, Ontario, just east of Belle Isle, where the Detroit River joins Lake St. Clair.

The original navigational light for this area was established in 1896 and was called "The Isle Aux Peches Range" meaning Isle of Fish.

The Peche Island Range Rear Light worked in conjunction with a front range light to guide vessels through the Lake St. Clair, twenty foot channel. Due to the exposed position of this site, the old wooden piles holding the lights were often damaged by passing vessels. Therefore, in 1908 the Peche Island Range Rear Lighthouse was built by the U.S. Coast Guard as a stronger more permanent structure.

In 1926, the height of the lighthouse was raised 10′, making it 66′ high. According to the 1926 light list, this was the only major modification made. The range lights were then electrified in 1940, but by 1980, the rear light had developed a severe list.

For 75 years the light shown proudly, guiding ships and boats through rolling blue waters. On September 23, 1982, the light was officially extinguished and arrangements were made for Luedtke Engineering Co. of Frankfort to remove the lighthouse, and scheduled it for dismantling.

In October, Michigan Bank - Port Huron with the assistance of Michigan National Corporation, rescued the weathered, old tower and found a home for it in the heart of Marine City. Today the restored 60 foot lighthouse stands on the shoreline, appreciated by young and old for its part in our colorful Great Lakes history. Today, a new skeleton tower holds the light that the old lighthouse once cradled.

Quick Facts

  • Established in 1908
  • Original Location: Peche Island - Entrance to the Detroit River from Lake St. Clair
  • Height: 60 feet
  • Diameter: 14 feet
  • Weight: 35 tons
  • Circumference: 44 feet
  • Decommission Date: 1982 - Relocated to Marine City