Warning Information Notification System (WINS)

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What is the Warning-Information-Notification-System?

WINS - The Warning Information Notification System is a county-wide alliance of public and private organizations who have a shared need to get information to the public at large, or private groups within their organization. These groups/organizations are all within the boundaries of St. Clair County and are working together in supporting this system.

Notifications Types:

The system is capable of sending alerts in numerous ways that include Home Phones, Cell Phones, Text Messages, Emails, and TTY devices. The system will leave a message on devices you specify in a compatible format. The public side of the system allows users to choose what types of notifications are important and how they wish to receive them. Although Emergency Alerts are mandatory and cannot be shut off after signup, there are endless possibilities for users to set up the different types of notifications they would like to receive. Local governments can choose groups such as Mayor Announcements, Council Announcements, Police Announcements, Fire Safety, Public Works Alerts, Water/Sewer Alerts, and Recreation Updates. Schools can choose groups such as School Closings, Early Dismissal, Health Alerts, and Parent/Teacher notices. The user has the ability to pick and choose the types of information, as well as the device, the alert will appear on and the device order to be contacted in.

Please Note: This is not a social media platform. The system is designed to provide each user with custom notifications using a variety of categories from credible and reliable information sources. The City of Marine City will be using WINS to notify its residents of both emergency and general information alerts.

Please create your own customized WINS account today and start receiving important information about your local area(s). Be sure to tell your friends and local family to review WINS and sign up as well. There is no cost to join WINS.

Interested in Subscribing to Receive Notifications From Wins?

To create an account and get up-to-date warning notifications from the City of Marine City click the link below!:

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