Roads and Sewers

Construction Trucks

Street sweeping, street repairs, sign installation and replacement, drainage, and snow removal.

The DPW maintains all of the sanitary sewer mains within the City. During the year, the DPW cleans these sewer mains using high-pressure water, removing any buildup of foreign material with a vacuum truck. They also respond to sewer problems reported by residents and businesses within the City. If you suspect a problem, contact the DPW at (810) 765-9711. The homeowner is responsible for any expenses for opening plugged lines or repairs from the residence to the City main.

The DPW maintains the entire storm sewer system within the City. This includes cleaning structures and lines and keeping the drains free from debris, as well as repairing or rebuilding structures when necessary.

Illicit Connections into the City sewer systems should be repaired and diverted to a proper location. In 2013, the City adopted an Ordinance (Chapter 53: Illicit Discharge Elimination) prohibiting illicit connections into the City sanitary and/or storm system. For information on illicit connections and the proper procedures for diverting storm water from sump pumps, roof downspouts, etc., please read the notice below: