Wendy Kellehan

Commissioner Wendy Kellehan

In 1967, my parents decided they wanted to get out of the metro Detroit area and move out to this place we called the country. They bought 35 acres of wooded property out on McKinley Road and built a home. As a 7 year-old tomboy, I was in heaven. I played in the woods, played ball in the barnyards and fields using dried out cow pies as bases, fell in ditches filled with water, road pedal and dirt bikes through fields without any fear, and was baling hay and driving a tractor by the time I was 9. I attended East China Elementary, Marine City Junior High and Marine City High School. I was very involved and played volleyball, softball and basketball and was even a member of the MC 1976 Girls Basketball team that won the State Championship. I graduated from MCHS in 1977 and I went on to attend Western Michigan University to get my degree in education. I moved from Kalamazoo to California to start my career, but came back to Michigan years later. After moving back to Michigan, I earned my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and continued my career in public education as a teacher and administrator for Clarenceville Schools in Livonia. I recently retired from my position as the Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services for Clarenceville Schools. This retirement gives me the time I need to help run our business and be a productive member of our community and give back to the area. When I left Marine City 42 years ago, I never thought for a second I would live back in Marine City. What brought me back was an opportunity to start a business and be a part of a growing and vibrant town. By serving as a City Commissioner, I can give back to the town and community that helped mold me and has given me every opportunity to succeed in my personal and professional life.

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