Historical Commission


The purpose of the Marine City Historical Commission is to serve the City within the historical district set out herein as a historic preservation and restoration advisory Commission for the purpose of:

  • Safeguarding the heritage of the City, by preserving a district in the City which reflects elements of its cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history;
  • Promoting, stabilizing and improving property in the district;
  • Fostering civic beauty and pride;
  • Strengthening the local economy;
  • Promoting the use of Historical Districts for the education, pleasure and welfare of the citizens of the City;
  • Preserving and safeguarding the political and architectural history and natural environments; and
  • Encouraging new buildings and development, which will be harmonious with the existing historic buildings and neighborhoods but will not necessarily be of the same architectural style. The purpose being to develop the Historic District as a vital area in which each succeeding generation may build with the quality and sensitivity of past generations.

Commission Members

Name Title
Kim A. Turner Chair
Scott Tisdale Vice Chair
Vacancy B Member
William Beutell Member
Suzanne Jenken Member
Rosalie Skwiers Member
Genevieve Prange Member
Elaine Leven City Manager
Kristen Baxter City Clerk